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Thanks for the great game!

Thank you for your Amiga support! :) I've also downloaded and paid for the Android version but I think it's more important to show support for the 68k version. ;)

AmigaBill played Dodgy Rocks on his amazing Twitch stream recently. Check out this clip!

Vintage is the New Old: Dodgy Rocks – An Amiga game that shows that simplicity and fun can make a good game!

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AMIGA Alive included Dodgy Rocks in a round up of new Amiga games. I think they liked it!

Pixel Vixen posted a video covering some brand new "Arcade Pefect" games for the Amiga ... which included DODGY ROCKS 😲

Why not just provide a bootable disk?

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Unfortunately, that would require distributing parts of AmigaOS so it's not possible.

Nice game :)

Thanks :) Thanks for posting a video too!

Very nice game! I really liked the concept and it's very addicting. I made a gameplay on PC

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for making the video :)