Beta 3 Combo

Beta 3 of Dodgy Rocks shipped to testers today, with the first implementation of a combo scoring system that was in demand at Play My Demo.

I gave the combo system a fair bit of thought and settled on the following scheme:

  • Increase combo by kicking or dashing through rocks
  • If you miss, or take too long, the combo is reset
  • At the end of each wave you get a bonus based on the wave number and current combo
  • Kick has changed to run on a timer like Dash
  • The combo timeout varies with Kick and Dash time so you always have a fair chance of comboing

I think this strikes a balance between encouraging risky play in return for points and avoiding throwing the entire scoring system out of balance. Playing it, I've quite often died trying to squeeze in one more smash move, yet also satisfyingly managed to get decent combo bonuses that materially affect the final score.

This is some gameplay footage of the new combo system in action:

In addition:

  • Full tutorial sequence added
  • Game Over panel has been reworked to be clearer and provide more information
  • Weird Godot Engine int/float bug worked around
  • 1337 Greetz added to the credits page :)

The game is almost feature complete now, with just balancing and some minor features left to implement.

Stay dodgy!

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