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Announcing the upcoming release of ROGUE DECLAN ZERO from NIVRIG GAMES

Rogue Declan Zero is an all-action, procedurally generated twin-stick roguelite shooter for the Classic Amiga 68k OCS/ECS platform.

Delve with brave, brave Sir Declan into the demon-infested dungeons and find enough magical shards to open the final barrier to the Hellgate granting the demons access to this realm. Then cast your carefully collected shards into the gate to close it forever!

Along the way, collect gold and gems to purchase upgrades and more powerful weapons from the inexplicable Enhancement Emporiums located in each dungeon. Do battle with demons of increasing power, avoid deadly spikes and pits, and maybe you could find time to rescue a hapless trapped villager or two as well? If you're not too busy.

There are billions of procedurally generated dungeons to explore.

How deep can you get?

Rogue Declan Zero will be released in late July 2023. Follow NIVRIG GAMES to keep informed!


Rogue Declan Zero was started as a demonstration game to support the in-development twin-stick controller from Abstraction Games, after meeting the Abstraction team at Amiga Ireland 2023. This controller provides two analogue sticks and eight buttons on a single DB9 joystick port for Amiga computers, opening up new control options and even game genres to this classic system.

The game also supports a variety of other control schemes for standard joysticks and CD32 controllers.

Rogue Declan Zero is written in C99 with a sprinkling of 68k assembly and is broadly compatible with 68k OCS/ECS Amigas having at least Kickstart 1.3 and 1Mb of RAM. The game was coded by John Girvin, with graphics from 0x72 and Toni Galvez, music by DJ METUNE and sound effects by H0ffman.


Rogue Declan Zero 1.0.1 (WHDLoad Archive) 276 kB
60 days ago
Rogue Declan Zero 1.01 (Classic Amiga ADF Disk Image) 880 kB
60 days ago

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