Turbo Tomato 1.0.3

Turbo Tomato 1.0.3 has been released.

This fixes the player start positions on some levels in 2-player mode. A small patch, but an important one, as previously the final level couldn't be completed in 2-player mode. Oops!



TurboTomato 1.0.3 (Amiga ADF Disk Image) 750 kB
Sep 02, 2021
TurboTomato 1.0.3 (Amiga CD32 ISO Image) 752 kB
Sep 02, 2021

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How can the people which bought the boxed version get the update? :-) 

Check in your Bitmap Soft website account - the downloads are available there.

Thank you buddy, hoping for more good games. :-)