Turbo Tomato 1.1.0 - The Big Tomata!

Turbo Tomato 1.1.0 has been released!

This is a major update, adding new features and fixing many bugs.

Difficulty Modes

Turbo Tomato is popular with children, but they find it too hard to get very far. Also, some more seasoned players have found it too easy. This version tries to please everyone with the addition of two new difficulty modes - SOFT and SPICY! SOFT is deliberately very easy and aimed at children; most adult players should be able to complete the game with one or two lives in this mode. SPICY is only for the toughest tomatoes!

Other Improvements

  • Add "No Friendly Fire" trainer
  • Allow dead players to rejoin a 2P game (counts as using continue)
  • Show default and most recent level codes on select level screen
  • Limit damage taken from enemies exploding very close to the player
  • Debounce fire button on Continue screen
  • Allow more time to read text on introduction screens
  • Rebalance BONUS! letter probabilities to be more evenly spread


  • Fix data corruption when certain enemies die by friendly fire
  • Fix some enemies not exploding and dropping items when they should
  • Fix player energy bar not updating after large hits
  • Fix flashing of PUSH BUTTON message on Continue screen
  • Fix “Max Strength” trainer not activating when selected
  • Fix “Black Lagoon” creature movement getting stuck
  • Fix map glitch allowing entering a wall in “Waste Dump Sinister”
  • Fix spread and rendering glitches with Waste Drum radiation
  • Fix cosmetic glitches with decal tiles on some levels

Turbo Tomato 1.1.0 - It's The Big Tomata!

Get the update from itch.io, or purchase a digital download or deluxe boxed edition from Bitmap Soft and Alinea!


Turbo Tomato 1.1.0 (Classic Amiga ADF Disk Image) 751 kB
Oct 22, 2021
Turbo Tomato 1.1.0 (Classic Amiga CD32 ISO Image) 753 kB
Oct 22, 2021
Turbo Tomato 1.1.0 (THEA500 Archive) 712 kB
Apr 26, 2022

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A download compatible with Retro Games Ltd. THEA500(tm) has now been added for all registered customers!

Would you be able to provide a version that I can play on the A500 Mini? Thanks!

I've looked in to what is required - it will take some work to make a compatible download. Stay tuned.

This has now been added.

Hi, Pls I would like to know if it is compatible with mode PvP (player vs player). Thanks in advance.

The two player mode is co-op, but you can hurt the other player. There is no distinct "deathmatch" or "battle" mode, if that's what you mean.

CD32 ISO image of 1.1.0 is now available.

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I purchased the first digital download version on the Bitmap Soft website, how can I get this new updated version? Thanks

It should be available from the downloads section of your Bitmap Soft account when you log in. If it's not, please contact Bitmap Soft directly.

Unfortunately, on the Bitmap Soft website I don't see the download even though I am logged in. I will try to contact them. Thanks for the information.

Does the Digital Download have an ISO for CD32? Thanks!

-Eric (Pixel Gaiden Podcast)

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Not right now, but one should be ready in a few days.

Thank you! 

Online now

Yeah, superb QOL update, which is gonna make a big difference. Thank you ! :)

Fantastic news❤️