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A challenging, procedurally generated, roguelite twin-stick shooter for the Classic Amiga platform!

"an immortal treasure in the vast universe of classic gaming" - aMiGaTrOnIcS (English translation via Google)
"nivrig has excelled himself ... the whole game has a lot of personality ... top work, a sense of humour, and a strong challenge ⚔️⚔️⚔️⚔️⚔️" - ZZAP! Amiga
"I love it, I'm having a lot of fun!" - 10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast
"It's bloody excellent!"

The wizards have been at it again, and this time they've accidentally opened Hell Portals under the castle! Now it's up to you, brave, brave Sir Declan, to delve into each procedurally generated castle dungeon and find enough magical shards to access and close its portal.

Armed with a magical Caster Sword, potions you find, and perhaps the occasional legendary charm, Sir Declan must fight demons that escaped from the gate, avoid traps, and collect treasures to trade for battle enhancements, before finally facing the portals themselves.

How deep can you go?


  • 50fps 2D hell-blasting action
  • Forty billion procedurally generated dungeons
  • Multiple control schemes, including the amazing new Abstraction Games twin-stick controller
  • Many enemies to defeat and traps to avoid
  • Upgrades to unlock as you progress
  • Legendary magical artifacts to recover
  • Hapless villagers to save
  • Online high score table for the Roguest Declans
  • WINNER of the AmiGameJam 2022

Minimum System Requirements

Classic Amiga OCS
Kickstart 1.3+
512Kb Chip RAM
512Kb Other RAM

Widely compatible with most Amiga systems and emulators. Keyboard input required for some features.


Design & Programming - John Girvin
Audio - DJ METUNE, H0ffman
Graphics - Toni Galvez, 0x72
Audio Mixer - Jeroen Knoester
Music Player - Frank Wille
QA & Testing - CoffeeCupArcade, DDNI, Girolamo, Troupe, Retro32, JW

Press & Further Information

Please direct all enquiries to hello@nivrig.com
Access the Press Kit

Rogue Declan Zero © John Girvin. All Rights Reserved. Downloads may not be resdistributed in any form without prior explicit permission.

Updated 8 days ago
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Tags16-bit, Amiga, Arcade, Procedural Generation, Retro, Roguelike, Roguelite, Short, Top down shooter, Twin Stick Shooter


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Rogue Declan Zero 1.01 (Classic Amiga ADF Disk Image) 880 kB
Rogue Declan Zero 1.0.1 (WHDLoad Archive) 276 kB

Development log


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Congratulations on winning the AmiGameJam!!! Well deserved!!
Great game!! Feels like an NES quality game!
The game plays so smooth, tunes are excellent and game is really addictive!! Difficulty advances smoothly!
You have really cracked the code on the gameplay..
Can see some good gameplay mechanics applied!
I can see some elements of Turbo Tomato in it too (throwing shards etc.)!

PS. Can you enable the gift option for this upon purchase? I want to gift to a friend!

PS2. I added a configuration for Dual-Stick support on AmigaLive so you can use any Dual Stick controller through emulation.

PS3. Not sure if open to apply a minor tweak but I will ask anyway.
Is it possible to slightly increase the speed while stuck and pushing walls to go around corners? in other games I'm used to pushing on a wall near corner exits and character manages to go through almost at same speed as normal and this feels natural to me.. but in this game it feels the speed is reduced a bit too much during the same process and enemies catch up with you quickly..  this is not a problem with early levels but on higher levels slowing down too much can be unforgiving..

PS4. Another minor issue I had was while holding fire button, whenever a dialogues appears it quickly disappeared before I could release the fire button to read it. This happens only while using a single joystick controller but not with the Dual Stick controller.

Thank for the kind words, and putting the game on AmigaLive.

I think the gift option isn't available as the game is PWYW.

I will look at the wall slide speed for the upcoming update. The update also fixes the message box cancel timing. Stay tuned!

Great game, and not just because it's a great game made on Amiga, it's just fun and addictive! Congratulations! I bought it here on Itch.io, but a proper boxed edition would be great to collect!

Nothing definite yet, but wheels have been set in motion...

I'm currently gauging interest in a limited run boxed edition of Rogue Declan Zero...


Very nice action shooter with cute graphics! Our German-language review can be found in our recorded livestream starting at 02:18:17. Automatic subtitles should be available soon (switch on, if necessary). Subscription to our YouTube or Twitch channel is welcome. 🙂



Love this game! Making so much fun! :-) One day I will go into all 40 billion dungeons. ;-) And of course I paid the developers! 

A wonderful game! I am working on a video review of it right now. One thing that is needed is "Button Two" needs to have a keyboard alternative (Like Gauntlet II) - I often play with single button joysticks, and not having access to bombs is a bummer. Space for bombs would be useful.

(1 edit)

Did you try pressing space? :)

Sorry. Space has almost no weight at all. It's mostly a vacuum... ;)

Amiga Space, has a nice ring to it! but you can't hear that ring :-(

Today I demoed this game at VCF West using a Unijoysticle + DualShock4 controller  in Twin Stick mode, and works great! (both joysticks controlled from the DualShock4 controller)

Great game. Congratz!

Thanks for demoing! Glad you enjoyed it :)

Would you please consider providing a standard LhA-archive on Aminet for easy access, too?

Sorry, but the only place to download the game from will be this page.

Why? What's wrong with Aminet? What's wrong with LhA?

It’s nothing against Aminet, it’s that the game is not freely distributable (which is different from free to download from here). I’d consider uploading a  demo version to Aminet but not the full game  

As for lha, the game isn’t file based so a lha version wouldn’t really be useful.

(1 edit)

Oh, BTW, may I send you a few suggestions ? 

- is it possible to have some kind of visual feedback when the XP limit per screen is reached ? (or even better, to visualize the limit) Because otherwise I keep staring at the XP count which is kinda distracting :-)

- regarding the weakest enemy : would it be possible to tweak them a little bit ? Because they look like a Pi symbol and not an enemy to me ;-)

- could the game remember the last control mode selected ? (in my case : it is detected as CD32 but actually I have 2 CD32 to arcade interfaces in an arcade cabinet so I have to switch to 2 sticks :-)

Again : congrats, super game !!!!!


Why would I want to make getting a high score easier? :)

Adding saving of any kind would be complex, prone to problems, and complicate the WHDLoad, so I'm afraid I'll leave that out too.

Woohoo ! It's here ! Great accomplishment, super enjoyable game ! Love it ! And it supports my twin-sticks setup !!!

BTW, I'm not sure what the weakest enemies are supposed to be ? They look like Pis ! Hehe ! :)

Really looking forward to playing the finished game tonight!

Love this type of game!!!
On every level, I can see a text, is this a level password?

That is the level seed.  It's really only useful if you encounter a weird or broken dungeon as I can use the seed to recreate it and see what is going on. Press F1 in game to display the seed again.

I thought there was a password system :-)

I will if something goes wrong and report it.

Thank you.

Totally classic! Love the game and the way it can be controlled with 2 pads or joysticks. Thanks :)

First run and I already LOVE it! Great game, buddy!

The game is really great. A beautiful implementation and the graphic style has a modern design. A 2 player mode would have been nice but you can't have everything.

The CD32 control also worked without problems with the gamepad on the Amiga 1200.

Will there be a CD32 version? 

Thanks :)

2P mode isn't impossible but would be a lot of work to add. 

It should work fine on a CD32. Perhaps when the jam ends and uploads are enabled again I can make an ISO for the next release.

Great to get hold of this - brilliant work @nivrig! Hoping to get something respectable on the score board soon. Not sure if anyone's managed to get CD32 pad mode working with The A500 Mini Gamepad, tried a few launch options but the buttons don't shoot (at least, not in the desired direction ;) - single button locked mode works well.

Did you set the ports to CD32 mode in the Game Settings menu?

Yeah I tried that, both for the ADF and WHD - if that should work I'll keep trying some combinations (which ports etc) and report back. 

Got it working. Here's what I did:

1. Plug the game pad into the 3rd USB socket and unplug USB 1 (which had an empty USB hub attached), USB 2 is the memory stick.

2. Set joystick port 1 to Mouse and joystick port 2 to CD32 Pad.

3. Set memory to 2MB chip, 4MB fast (was maxed out) and Blitter to Normal (was on Wait).

Not sure if it was just one of those things. But it's working 👍

Thanks for the information, and I'm happy you got it working. I suspect the key would be setting port 2 to CD32 mode.

me esta gustando mucho,gracias por este buen juego

Well done mate! 

Awesome game!


Not long now 😁

(1 edit)

This game is so much fun, easy to get into and totally exciting to complete. My daughter literally kicks me away from the joysticks so she can have a go. She proudly is playing it on her Amiga Mini with Twin Joysticks! Was an absolute pleasure to work with you Nivrig and I hope to do it again for many more projects in the future. 10/10 would highly recommend folks! Yeah I'm slightly bias, but still... would highly recommend!


What I saw while AmigaBill was streaming the game it seems it is too easy to click out game messages without reading them.

Bill played an unfinished version that had a few bugs and rough edges. That particular issue with the hint clickthroughs has been fixed now  👍🏻

Thank you so much ! Seems super fun & playable :) And thank you so much for supporting twin-sticks ! (so far in 38 years there only were 3 if I'm not mistaken : llamatron, Smash TV, Super Obliteration) :)

(1 edit)

Yeeeesssss !

Thank you for this!!!

I saw it at SAUG, looking forward to release and seeing you at Kickstart. Something to enjoy on my Steamdeck ❤️